National Medical Fellowships' goal is to help qualified and highly motivated minority medical students overcome the cost barriers associated with securing amedical education.
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Why NMF?
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Why NMF?

Each year the already substantial cost of medical education continues to escalate--placing it out of reach for many qualified and deserving minority men and women. Your tax-deductible gift, together with contributions from others helps overcome cost barriers, making it possible for these medical students to become caring and skilled professionals, and help America meet its healthcare needs.

Increasing the number of physicians serving in underserved communities not only helps to improve the quality of medical care, but it also assists in the containment of healthcare costs by:

  • Enhancing access to medical care for the underserved.
  • Increasing the availability of primary and preventive care.
  • Reducing the demands on expensive hospital emergency room services.

When you give to NMF, your contribution support the Need-Based Scholarship Program, which provides financial assistance to medical students with the greatest financial need. Each year, NMF receives over 500 applications to the Need-Based Scholarship Program.

As a non-profit organization, NMF raises funds on an ongoing basis for its programs. The continuation and level of funding for its programs depend upon annual tax-deductible contributions for sources that include corporations, foundations, individuals, and groups and organizations.

NMF's history dates back to 1946. An independent Board of Directors, comprising of medical, educational, and business professionals throughout the nation, govens NMF. We are recognized as a tax exempt organization by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, is fully accredited by the National Charities Informational Bureau (NCIB), and is registered with the Attorney General of the State of New York Charities Bureau, the New York State Department of Law, and the New York Department of State Office of Charities Registration.

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