National Medical Fellowships' goal is to help qualified and highly motivated minority medical students overcome the cost barriers associated with securing amedical education.
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Merit Awards
NMF Fellows Academy
Awards, Prizes, and Merit Scholarships:

NMF recognizes exceptional minority students through awards and prizes that honor outstanding scholastic achievements, leadership and community service, as well as exceptional aptitude in the fields of medical journalism, women's health and surgery. These awards are generally available to students in the second through fourth years of medical school. The medical schools must recommend students interested in being considered for these scholarships.


William and Charlotte Cadbury Award
The Cadbury Award was established in 1977 by Irving Graef, M.D. and the NMF board of directors to honor the organization's former executive director and staff associate. This award is presented annually to a senior medical student in recognition of outstanding academic achievement, leadership and community service.

Henry G. Halladay Awards
These awards were made possible through an endowment established by the late Mrs. Henry G. Halladay to honor the memory of her husband. Two awards are presented annually to African-American men enrolled in the first year of medical school who have overcome significant obstacles to obtain a medical education.

Franklin C. McLean Award
The McLean award, NMF's oldest and most prestigious honor, was established in 1968 in memory of the noted, Chicago bone physiologist who established the organization. One award is presented annually to a senior student in recognition of outstanding academic achievement, leadership and community service.

Metropolitan Life Foundation Awards for Academic Excellence in Medicine
This special merit award program was established by the Metropolitan Life Foundation in 1987. These need-based scholarships are awarded annually to second through fourth-year underrepresented medical students in recognition of outstanding academic achievement and leadership.

National Medical Association (NMA) Special Awards Program
The National Medical Association annually recognizes and rewards African-American medical students for extraordinary accomplishments, academic excellence, leadership and potential for outstanding contributions to medicine. The awards include The JNMA Awards for Medical Journalism, which recognize demonstrated skill in journalism and academic achievement, The Patti LaBelle Award and The NMA Emerging Scholar Awards, presented for outstanding academic achievement, exceptional leadership and community service.

Aura E. Severinghaus Award
This endowed award was established in 1975 by Mr. Chauncey Waddell and the Charles Evans Hughes Memorial Foundation. It honors the memory of the NMF board member and associate dean emeritus of Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons. This special award is presented annually to a senior minority student attending Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons in recognition of outstanding academic achievement, leadership and community service.


Ralph W. Ellison Memorial Prize
This prize was established in 1994 by the NMF Board of Directors to honor the memory of Ralph W. Ellison. A major American writer of the 20th century, Mr. Ellison's novel, The Invisible Man, awakened both black and white Americans to the problems of racial discrimination. Mr. Ellison felt a deep personal commitment to National Medical Fellowships, Inc. and its mission, as demonstrated by his willingness to co-chair a major fundraising effort on behalf of NMF and the students it serves.

Merit Scholarships:

Hugh J. Andersen Memorial Scholarships
This endowed scholarship program was established in 1982 by the family of the late Hugh J. Andersen who was an active supporter of and generous contributor to NMF's programs. Up to five scholarships are annually presented to Minnesota residents enrolled in any accredited U.S. medical school or students attending Minnesota medical schools.

Irving Graef Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship program was established by NMF's board in 1978, and permanently endowed by the Irving Graef Medical Fund in 1980 to honor the memory of one of NMF's most active board members. Dr. Graef served as chairman, assistant treasurer and secretary of the board of directors. He was also associate professor of clinical medicine at New York University School of Medicine. This two-year scholarship is presented annually to a third-year student and recognizes outstanding academic achievement, leadership and community service. The scholarship is renewable in the fourth year if the award winner continues in good academic standing.



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